Adopted! And it feels so good!

26 Jan

Rescue Mom, Me, and New Mom!

Hi friends! Sorry I haven’t been around the last few months, but I have been very busy! I have been in Beaufort, SC giving some people a test drive and I decided that I am going to keep them! It has been so great living here and I have never been happier.

I especially want to thank my friends Miz Nancy and Mr Marc at Petport Boarding Kennel who sorted me out and taught me how to behave like a proper dog. The time I spent with you was the best time of my life until now.

So, one pit bull adopted, thousands more to go. Keep rescuing us, teaching people about us, and advocating for us. Thank you all so much for believing in me and spreading the word.

“It’s been a long, long time coming, but I know a change is gonna come”
Pit bull love and licks,

My very favorite thing to do!


I still love curling up in chairs


Family sleep time!

The Incredi-bull Ernie!

28 Oct

Striking a pose!

Hello everybody! It’s me again! Ernie! I took a while off for the “lazy dog days of summer.” Ok, honestly I had writer’s block. It’s not easy to keep coming up with compelling content. But I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to. First of all, Ruby and I have been romping in the yard – WITH NO FACE MASK!!!! Yes! Oh we have so much fun sneaking up on each other and tackling. She has taught me so much of how to play like a dog. Watch us in action…

I also had a professional photo session! Mr. Chad took some glamour shots of me. And I got to be photographed with a professional model!

Looking casual

Check out those pecs!

Sneaking a kiss from Spookie Susie!

Rescue Mom spent the last few months working really hard on the Atlanta Bully Rally. It finally happened on October 22. I got to go! Mr. Marc took me. I had a big sign on my crate so everyone could find me. Of course RM forgot to ask anyone to get pictures of me with my sign. C’mon RM, it’s not like you had anything else going on! Eh, but that is ok, RM found this picture of me and a nice little girl hanging out together.

It was like a circus!

New friend!

Workin' It!

So that’s what I’ve been up to these last couple of months. Still looking for the ever elusive forever home – I know it is out there. I will be spending Thankgiving with RM and her pack. She is hoping they are nice and don’t bark at me too much. It would be great if I could spend Christmas in my forever home. That’s what I will be asking Santa for!

That’s it for now friends! Keep spreading the word and don’t give up on me!

Love and licks,


Pulling for Ernie!

8 Aug

I'll pull for you if you pull for me!

Hi friends! I’m back again! No, I still don’t have a forever home 😦 But I know people are trying really hard for me. I heard it is really hard for pit bulls like me to find homes right now, so I guess I am lucky to have Rescue Mom and my A.UD.I. friends and Miz Nancy and Mr Marc to look out for me. But I want my own person so bad! Sometimes I imagine what they will smell like and that they will have a big chair that we sit in together.  And if they tell me to sit on the floor I will do that too because I know how to be good. I would try so hard to be the best dog ever if someone would give me a chance!

If you can't see me it is because I am wearing a camouflage harness!

But until then, I live out in the country with a bunch of other dogs. It has been good for me to meet so many other dogs of all kinds and sizes. I don’t get nervous around them and I behave myself. There are other dogs on both sides of my run and we sniff each other through the fence. It doesn’t bother me at all now. I had a really big guy next to me last week and he turned out to be very nice. And there was a fluffy little girl on the other side. She was funny. I think my future person will appreciate how civilized I’ve become!

Harness is connected to the rope is connected to the sled

Rescue Mom came to visit me and said that we should do something different for a change. I don’t see anything wrong with sitting on the ground hugging on each other, but ok. She brought a bunch of things and told me that I was going to learn how to pull weight. She said that they did this at the Atlanta Bully Rally last year, but I didn’t see it because I lived in Florida at the time. RM said we are doing it just for fun, but weight pulling can even get all fancy with carts and expensive harnesses and dogs can compete in big contests.

Gettin jiggy with it!

It was funny because she took a snow sled out of her car even though it was like 500 degrees outside! But she explained the weight goes in the sled, then she attached a rope to the sled and then she put a harness on me. Last, she attached the rope to my harness and off we went! She only put 25 pounds in the sled because it was hot and she didn’t want me to get worn out. And my Fat Snake toy came along for a ride! I thought it was pretty fun pulling the sled around. I know I could pull much more weight, but RM said I would have to wait until it cools off to try a heavier load.

While we were out pulling, I saw my friends Jeff and Ewen. They are deer. They come by the kennels sometimes and we talk about sports and things. They are not afraid of us. So when RM and I were outside, they let us get really close. RM was so impressed that I didn’t get too excited to be so close to them, but really she should have been impressed that they didn’t run from her since they haven’t talked to her before.


That’s it for now friends! Thanks for keeping up with me and remember to tell everyone you know that I am still looking for a special person!
Pit bull love and licks,

Ernie The Ladies’ Man

18 Jul

It's Ernie Time!

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten over 750 views on my blog since I started – so many more than I expected. However I am still on the market. Rescue Mom and I have been trying to think of more ways to get my smiling face out there, but we really need YOUR help. If you are reading this, please share it with your friends. You never know who will see it and share it with someone else and then SHAZAM – I’ve got a home! RM says you should even share me with people who don’t live in Atlanta. We love road trips and will drive really far to get to my new home.

All the A.UD.I. Ladies and Me!

Last week there was a special event held just for me! Kellyn Willey of PinUp Girl Cosmetics held “Ernie’s Lemonade Stand” in front of her store last Friday. It was the coolest thing ever!!! All these pretty ladies dressed up and stood out on the street with signs and hula-hooping and all sorts of crazy stuff. I was so honored to see all these people who had never even met me working so hard to help raise money for my care. Miz Lauren from Big Daddy Biscuits brought cookies for all the dogs who attended. Those were honestly the best cookies I ever had. Ernie’s Lemonade Stand raised enough for me to stay at Petport for 2 more weeks!

I had a reunion with Miz Christi the nice lady who found me!


Hula Hoopin' For Me!

Stopping Traffic!

Life at Petport has been beneficial for me because I have learned how to live around other dogs and not get in to arguments. I have learned to ignore dogs that bark at me. In fact, when RM took me on a walk last week, a huge Dane nearly came over a short fence and was going crazy at me. I just kept walking! That’s right, I kept my cool and went about my business. RM was so proud!

I am still working on being able to play with girl dogs. I never got to play with nice dogs when I was growing up so I never learned the rules, but I am learning now. My friend Ruby is teaching me the rules and that sometimes when us dogs play, we pretend to be angry when we are not really, so I have to learn how to tell when it is just pretend. We also need to be gentle when using our teeth! I wear something on my face to make sure I am gentle with my teeth, and RM says that I am doing so well that soon I may be able to play with Ruby without wearing it. RM wasn’t sure about showing you video of me playing with Ruby while wearing my face mask, but I convinced her that it shows how far I have come and that I have good potential to get along with girl dogs. Notice how I roll over on my back and let Ruby stand over me! Impressive, no?

And it’s set to music so turn it up!!

That’s all for now friends! Wouldn’t it be awesome if in my next blog post I can say I have a new home?! Don’t stop believing!

Pit bull love and licks,


Swimming with Pit Bulls

5 Jul

Wondering what I did wrong

Hi friends! Since I started blogging, I’ve gotten over 500 visits! This is so cool, but for some reason I still don’t have a home. Someone even emailed Rescue Mom and said that they fell in love with me and how perfect it would be since they don’t have any other dogs. But then they just disappeared. I don’t know what I did wrong since I never even met them. But RM said that happens sometimes and we will just keep trying and not give up.

So I tried to not let that get me down and I went to RM’s house for the holiday weekend! Because her other dogs still don’t like me being there, I had to stay by myself, but I got a whole room and a big chair to sleep in. I got to go out in to the big yard a few times each day and run around like crazy.

RM says I have excellent conflict avoidance skills! Her dogs tried to scare me by barking and jumping at the windows when I was outside, but I didn’t let it get to me. I just walked away and didn’t get upset. I have been working on that for a while now and she was very impressed at how far I have come.

The size of the puddle can be intimidating

RM has a huge puddle in her yard that is bigger than any puddle I have ever seen. I have always been interested in it, but not real sure I wanted to get too close. Well, this weekend, RM and our friends Miz Ami and Miz Jillian actually got inside the puddle! And they wanted me in it too! It was so hot outside, I really couldn’t refuse. RM said she would help me learn how to swim and within a few minutes I was swimming on my own! It is not scary at all once you try it. I want to show you some video of me swimming. RM was not too thrilled about having video of her in a swimsuit on the Internet, but I persuaded her that people would be more interested in watching me than her!

My fundraiser!

And, I have some other really big news! RM’s and Miz Jillian’s friend Kellyn Willey is holding a fundraiser for ME!! Miz Kellyn heard about my trouble finding a home and she wanted to help. She’s holding a good ol’ fashioned Lemonade Stand where lots of pretty ladies are going to sell lemonade and stuff and I get to be there too! Maybe I will meet my new mom or dad there! RM said it is very important I put all the details in here so people know how to find us – it is this Friday, July 8, from 2pm-9pm at

Pin Up Girl Cosmetics
566 Blvd SE, Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30312 

More details at

Well, that’s all for now friends. I hope I see you Friday!

Pit bull love and licks,


Dancing With The Pit Bulls

21 Jun

I'm Coming!

Hi friends! I hope you all had a good week. Over 200 people read my last blog entry – I am so excited! I hope one of them decided I can come live with them. As long as Rescue Mom can afford it, I will be living at Petport in College Park, Georgia. I love this place! My suite is huge and I can take myself outside whenever I want. I have an actual bed and food all the time.

Rescue Mom came to visit over the weekend. She does that every weekend to make sure I know I am loved. I know she loves me, but it is not the same as being able to live with the one who loves you. But I know she is trying really hard. I overheard her saying that it is very hard for pit bulls to find homes right now. She said maybe it is the economy. I don’t really understand what that means. I just believe that there is someone out there for me and Rescue Mom just hasn’t found them yet.

I'm magnetizing!

Rescue Mom got magnets to put on her car to show me off in case somebody in the lane next to her is looking for love! Well, it seems she forgot that her car is made out of plastic and the magnets slid right off! She said she might use double-sided tape because it is more important to her that I find a home than if the paint comes off her car!

Ruby is both a girl and my friend.

Rescue Mom also got to meet my girl friend Ruby. Now to be clear, she is a girl and she is my friend. That is all. But for me that is a big deal. I had some scary experiences with other dogs when I was younger, but I have been working hard on getting over that and Ruby has helped alot. Ruby tells me what I can and cannot do and I listen to her because I like to be with her. Rescue Mom didn’t get any video of us playing together, but that just means you have to come back next week to see it!

Rescue Mom asked me to show off my moves for her camera, so I hope you enjoy my little dance!

If you Subscribe to my blog, you will get emails when I post updates. Don’t you want to know when adore-a-bull new pictures of me are posted?!

Pit bull love and licks,


Hello world!

13 Jun

This is me, Ernie!

Hi everyone! My name is Ernie and I am a pit bull. I am two years old and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. And….I am homeless. Not living on the streets, eating out of garbage cans homeless (though I have done that too), but I do not have the kind of home where they say “the heart is.” Let me explain…

A year and a half ago I was in a really bad way. I don’t like to think about it, so we will fast-foward to when I met Miz Christi. Miz Christi saw that I desperately needed help and she looked for someone who would help me get it. Miz Christi found Miz Ami and Rescue Mom! The day they came in to my life was the beginning of something good for me! Miz Ami and Rescue Mom took me to a public bath and then Rescue Mom took me to her home!

When Miz Christi found me I was in a real bad way.

She fixed up a cozy crate with the softest blankets and pillows and gave me a big bowl of food and fresh water. I got to sleep inside the house on all the soft stuff – it was the best night’s sleep ever! The next day Rescue Mom tended to the wounds on my face and arms and made sure they were clean. She was very gentle so that I would not cry. Not that I would have, I am very tough, but still. I learned that there were other dogs in the house and they came down to look at me while I was in my crate. I could tell they weren’t too sure of me, but I knew I was safe, so I was ok with that.

Then Rescue Mom took me to a doctor so I could be fixed! Honestly, had I known what that meant, I might have put up a fuss, but it is just as well. The doctor found out that I had HEART WORMS!!! Gross!! He told Rescue Mom that I would need to have a very difficult and expensive treatment but she said that was ok and that she would help me get it. Miz Ami found people to help pay for the treatment I needed. Rescue Mom and Rescue Dad (yep, I have one of those too) had to travel out of town for a while, so I went to stay with Miz Julie. Miz Julie had lots of other animals so I got to smell all sorts of other dogs and cats. Miz Julie was kind enough to take care of me for several weeks while Rescue Mom got prepared for me to come back and get rid of the heart worms.

Facial wounds were healing nicely

Once I started the treatment, I did not feel so good. RM even had to take me back to the doctor to get some pills to help. I had to stay calm all the time and RM kept me on a leash even in the fenced yard. Zoomies were strictly prohibited! As was meeting the other dogs – RM was afraid I would get too excited. So that is what I did for two months – I had a big room to myself though and a comfy big chair to sleep on during the day. RM came to visit several times a day and we talked about stuff. She said that I was going to move to Florida when my treatment was over and that soon I would find a real home. She said I couldn’t stay with her because her other dogs were fussing about me being there. RM said I deserved a home where I could be with people anywhere in the house any time.

So Rescue Mom and Miz Ami took me to Florida and that is where I met Mister Mike and Miz Goldie. They have a rescue place just for pit bulls and they thought they could find me a good home. Mister Mike taught me how to walk on a leash and how to take treats from people without biting their fingers. He took me on walks with other dogs so I could feel comfortable around them. At first I wasn’t so sure about that, but I got used to it. I met lots of friends who came to visit and they would take me on walks too. Once Rescue Mom and Miz Ami came to visit me! RM sent me yummy treats and a toy to show that she was still thinking about me. I was in Florida for a whole year though. Even though I tried to be really good, no one offered to share their home with me. So Mister Mike and Rescue Mom decided I should try looking for a home in Atlanta again.

Rescue Mom wasn’t really sure how this was going to work. Her dogs still voted against me living with them, so I bunked at a doctor’s office for a while. Then a month ago I moved to a nice dog resort – my room has indoor AND outdoor space and I have a bed that sits above the floor! Mister Marc and Miz Nancy run the place and they are very nice. They take me outside several times a day and I have a HUGE fenced yard I run in. I love to roll in grass and kick my feet up in the air. Sometimes I get running really fast, then I dive in the grass nose first!

Taking it easy

So that is my story! Rescue Mom said that writing about my adventures every week might help me find a real home, so I think it is worth a try! Next I am going to tell you about my girlfriend!!!

Pit bull love and licks,


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